Early Intervention

Our Mission

To work with individuals and their families to discover, pursue, and achieve what is important to them


The Board of Developmental Disabilities is an integral part of Mercer County Help Me Grow. Children who are eligible for Part C services, along with their families, will receive services and supports designed to assist the families in meeting the developmental needs of their child and their family in supporting their child with a delay or disability, subject to availability of funds.

The Board’s services for children from birth to age three are available for all children residing in Mercer County who have at least one assessed delay in his or her development or are at risk for developmental delay. These services are available year round.

A child with an identified delay or disability who is enrolled in Early Intervention services will be provided with a Service Coordinator. If a family chooses service providers other than the ones the Board has either employed or contracts for, the Board will support their choice.

The child with an identified developmental delay or disability could receive support and services from one or more of the following:

• Developmental Specialist
• Occupational Therapist
• Physical Therapist
• Speech and Language Pathologist

The Board's role in the provision of the following Help Me Grow program components are:

Outreach/child find/intake/procedural safeguards;

Prenatal visits;

Newborn home visits;

Ongoing home visiting services;

Service coordination/individualized family service plan development, implementation, and review;
The Early Intervention staff is involved in all aspects of this area.

Family support services;
All Early Intervention families are eligible for these services.

Evaluation to determine eligibility and ongoing assessment;
Staff and therapists employed or contracted provide most, if not all, of these services.

Specialized services in everyday routines, activities, and places;
Parents are coached in incorporating specialized services into their everyday routines and activities. The place where the coaching occurs can be in the family’s home or elsewhere in the community. The location is determined by the team, which includes parents/caregivers and the Board’s Early Intervention staff.


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