Service & Support Administration

Our Mission

To work with the individuals and their families to discover, pursue, and achieve what is important to them!

Role of the Service and Support Administrators (SSA):

  • To help individuals and their families and advocates develop a plan of supports addressing needs and achieving goals.

SSAs are responsible for the following:

  • Establish an individual’s eligibility for the services of the Board through the Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument (OEDI);
  • Assess individual needs for service;
  • Develop individual service plans (ISP) with the active participation of the individual to be served and those identified members of their team;
  • Establish budgets for services based on the individual’s assessed needs and preferred ways of meeting those needs;
  • Assist individuals in selecting providers for services to meet identified needs;
  • Ensure that services are effectively coordinated and provided by appropriate providers;
  • Establish and implement an ongoing system of monitoring the implementation of ISP to achieve the desired outcomes for the individual;
  • Perform quality assurance reviews of services identified in the ISP;
  • Incorporate the results of quality assurance reviews and identified trends and patterns of unusual incidents and major unusual incidents (MUIs) into amendments of an individual’s service plan for the purpose of improving and enhancing the quality and appropriateness of services rendered to the individual;
  • Receive reports of abuse, neglect, misappropriation, or any other MUI as defined by state law. These incidents are investigated to ensure the health and safety of the affected individual is protected;
  • Establish Waiting Lists for services requested but unavailable.  Inform consumers/families/guardians of Waiting List status.